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Nov 16, 2013  Colour Coding in C 15:37 By Usman Shery The first time i saw colour in c was amazing experience because just black and white stuff is more like old school comparing to modern software and technology. Sep 30, 2002  i tried textbackground and textcolor they didn't work, searched the forum, nothing so, anyone know how to change colors, thankx. Tools-Editor Options Use Display tab to edit font Use Syntax tab to edit background, foreground, and text colors. The main code is in white and the background of the current line is cyan. White on cyan is very hard to read. I found no place to change the 'Current Line' background color. Thank you for your time, d. 1 Attachments. Orwelldevcpp - 2013-09-08 For some reason, Dev-C used to show this option in the general tab. Where attr is a combination of values with (bitwise OR operator), to choose whther you want to change foreground or background color. Changes apply with the next function that writes to the console (printf.

Things don't have to be black and white all the time. Use a Windows API call to add some color to your text output.



Dec 19, 2017  in this video we are looking and learning new codes for text color change.and They all codes working in both languages. C language, C programming c language,C. Select one of the color themes in the list. Observe that while the 'Foreground' color-fields have changed, most of the 'Background' color-fields have not changed (except for 'Space' always). (However, all colors are reflected correctly in the preview box; and all new-colors take correctly after Ok is hit.

How do you change the background color?
Pretty please?
And is there a way to make the program appear fullscreen when started up?

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I have tried to use this in my program.

However when I used #include<windows.h> I get errors when I compile.

C++ Background Color Code

I am using the MSVisual 6.0 ???

on windows only:
system('color <put your colors here>');

colors the whole window and all text to any of the standard 16 colors Trap utopian vst download.

//0 = Black 8 = Gray
//1 = Blue 9 = Light Blue
//2 = Green a = Light Green
//3 = Aqua b = Light Aqua
//4 = Red c = Light Red
//5 = Purple d = Light Purple
//6 = Yellow e = Light Yellow
//7 = White f = Bright White

Dev C Background Color Code In Bootstrap

you put two characters, first one is background color, second is text color:
system('color c0'); //colors background to light red, with black text



ya, bakround color use . - system('color f0'); and #include <stdlib.h> it will make the bacround wight with black text for more color codes type 'color help' in cmd prompt. the first nuber ids the backround and the seconed is the text. also to start the consol in full screen send the keys alt and enter like this

keybd_event(VK_MENU, 0x38, 0, 0);
keybd_event(VK_RETURN, 0x1c, 0, 0);
keybd_event(VK_RETURN, 0X1c, KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0);
keybd_event(VK_MENU, 0x38, KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0);

Dev C++ Background Color Code Download



Nice one :) the 'system' function..who'd have thought it :) Thanks!

To get all the system() commands (WINDOWS ONLY!), open up the command prompt (start>accessories>Command Prompt), and type 'help' (without the quotes). For help on a specific command, type 'help <command name>' (again, no quotes).


[C / C ] Text color in Dev-C – How do change color of text in Dev C

To write text color in Dev-C you can simply use the command system(“color xy”);
Where x is the background color, y is the text color:

But on the way back with an error if the entire set different color font color will be there, ie the colored letters that we finally put color. To fix it you have to learn and know the function (library use windows.h) on

After reading also do not understand what, but make it stable, Fixed color of the text as desired.

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