Download Alan Wilder Emaxii Vst Instrument Demo 01 Mp3 Youtunbe


Oct 18, 2013 A few sounds from the Emulator II sound libraries. Some of these sounds were popular in the '80s and have become classic. 00:11 Baby Grand 01:01 Bass Voices. Dec 18, 2017  Hey there! We have set up a separate forum area to discuss everything related to the Coronavirus / COVID-19. This way it's more easily ignored for those who just want to talk about day-to-day audio, music & production topics.

  1. Stream Depeche Mode- Something To Do-88 version (Alan Wilder´s original EMAX set-up´s used ) by Modular State from desktop or your mobile device.
  2. Bought a second Emax II about 2 years ago. Managed to get two Mac Classics running Sound Designer with both EII (had to mod one of them to work with the RS interface, but it was a Rev 1 board, phew!). Working on getting Alchemy up and running with both Emax II's (got my hands on 2 x Mac 9600's). Done a few tests building cables.

Sometime you just need a plain good old sampler VST plugin for your tracks :
just load a .wav sample, tweak some envelope, maybe adjust pitch, and add some loop points. No more no less.
You don’t need the bells & whistles of Kontakt, nor gigabytes of library => just load some samples and come on !

So here’s a selection of 6 FREEWARE sampler in VST format:

1. TX16Wx VST

download 100% free :

Available for Windows (32 & 64 bit) & Mac (VST & AU 64 bit)
This one is more than a simple sampler for loading & playing audio files!
It’s the more complete & full featured free sampler.
Tons of modulations & envelope, powerful keyboard mapping…
You can choose between 4 sizes for the UI (from 800X600 to 1280X768)
and the plugin can record from its own inputs (DAW inputs).
This is also the more “up to date” plugin.
It can load wav, aiff ogg, flac + sf2 soundfonts and sfz.

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2. Grace : Sampler

Grace Sampler

download :

Available for Windows in 32 & 64 bit VST format.
I find it more good looking than the TX16Wx!
It’s also very powerful; with keyboard mapping, envelope & modulation.
like the precedent, it can preview sounds, the browser is very nice.
can load wav, aif & snd + sfz bank sounds.
On the website you can also download library with good sounds.

3. ShortCircuit 2

download 4 free !

Availbable for Windows , 32 bit VST.
Sadly, Shortcircuit is discontinued.
But if you’re still using 32 bit VST, it’s one the best VST sampler around.
The Keyboard mapping (on a vertical view ! unlike the others), the modulation & evelope options, it’s very complete, and should work without any problems (you can also download older version if you experience some bugs)

Download alan wilder emax ii vst instrument demo 01 mp3 youtube mp3

Download Alan Wilder Emax Ii Vst Instrument Demo 01 Mp3 Youtube Free

can load wav files + AKAI sample file (AKAI S5000/S6000/ Z4 Z8) + sf2 files + Recycle REX files.

4. Paax 2 sampler

Download Alan Wilder Emax Ii Vst Instrument Demo 01 Mp3 Youtube Mp3

Paax 2 VST

direct download :


Available for Windows 32 bit only VST.
Unfortunaly, the paax sampler has vanished from the internet, and is no longer developed.
The paax 3 was free for some time, and the paax 2 was always freeware.
The UI is small, but all the features are here.
Not the fastest workflow, but some like it like that.

5. EZ-Sampler

download :

Available for Windows, 32 bit VST only.
This one is simple, you can load only one sample, so no keyboard mapping.
Sometimes it’s just what you need ! and with EZ-Sampler, it’s fast and without troubles.
can load wav, aiff, ogg, flac, snd, wma & mp3 (need Lame Encoder).

Download Alan Wilder Emax Ii Vst Instrument Demo 01 Mp3 Youtube Video

6. Helios VST !

Download Alan Wilder Emax Ii Vst Instrument Demo 01 Mp3 Youtube Download

Tobybear Helios VST

dowload :

Available for Windows, 32 bit VST only.
From the Tobybear “insbag” VST collection. This one is old school !
ADSR on volume + filter + delay + LFO + loop. Just load a wav file and let’s go!
drop some LFO on the loop start : instant funkyness!

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