How To Dfelete Parallels And Boot Camp From My Mac

I am about ready to install Parallels Desktop on my Mac Book Pro. As I am reading the manual it mentions that I could have Boot Camp also installed. Someone also made a similar comment in another posting I made. It was not clear why I should or should not. I have a few questions.
1. I do not know if the laptop came with Boot Camp pre-installed. How would I know?
2. Whether Boot Camp is installed or not, are there any advantages or disadvantages in having Boot Camp installed in addition to Parallels?
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  2. How To Delete Parallels And Boot Camp From My Mac Download


Boot Camp Workout

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Nov 14, 2014  I would like to remove my trial version of parallels 10 that has expired from my OSX that is connected to my bootcamp partition. How do I uninstall this VM software without messing up my bootcamp partition. In the tutorial is written that you have to delete the parallel application and remove the virtual machine.

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How To Delete Parallels And Boot Camp From My Mac Download

  1. Apr 14, 2015 Rebooting your computer shouldn’t be one of them. Parallels Desktop takes less than 1-2 minutes to boot (and now in Parallels Desktop, Windows can be booted is less than 10 seconds!). Compare that to the 4-8 minutes you’d spend to restart your Mac and boot to Windows on a Boot Camp partition.
  2. Nov 02, 2013 I don't know what size of VM I installed. I bought Parallels online, downloaded it and away I went with using Windows. Your 3rd paragraph: I unmounted Bootcamp from the desktop (ejected it) and as I suspected, I can still click on my Parallels application and she starts up just like it always has and still runs like a gem.
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