How To Record Mixes On Traktor Scratch Pro 2


This tutorial describes how to setup broadcasting in Native Instruments' Traktor (Scratch) Pro. Sign up for a FREE account first to create your own broadcast slot. Then follow the instructions below to connect Traktor and start live streaming you DJ set.
Use our Setup Wizard to connect Traktor
To make your life as easy as possible we have created a setup wizard that helps you to connect Traktor to Livesets. You only need to complete the wizard once because your settings are persistent. Here we go:

  1. Recording Mixes with an External Mixer. The mix recorder that is integrated into Traktor makes it easy to record your own sets. When using a combo device that uses internal mixing mode (like Kontrol S2, Kontrol S4 and similiar controllers) almost no configuration is needed.
  2. Jun 28, 2009  A short video in how to use the record function in Traktor Pro, and then convert the default.wav recording to MP3 format so you can burn your mix onto cd. Recording Your Mixes In Traktor Pro 2.
  • Log in on Livesets using your new DJ account.
  • Click on 'Broadcasting' in the top menu to start our 'Broadcast Setup Wizard'.
  • Hit the 'Configure Traktor' button and follow the instructions.
  • Next; click on the 'Connection test' button and again follow the instructions.
  • When done, disconnect Traktor and you have completed the wizard.

Throw on a couple of good tunes, and TRAKTOR DJ 2 will get them playing in sync for you. If you want to jump around the track using Hotcues, or loop a section that really hits the spot, then TRAKTOR DJ 2 keeps everything on-beat – so you’ll always be in the flow. TRAKTOR DJ 2 also lets you edit beatgrids, so they work exactly the way you want. Jul 12, 2014  Traktor ScratchPro won't record mixes w/ Audio 6 in 'External Mixer' mode. Need some technical help here w/ a problem I've been dealing with for months that I can't ignore any longer. I used to run Traktor Pro 2 with an AK1 and American Audio 14MXR mixer. When set to 'Internal Mode' I could record my mixes just fine and control.

How To Record Mixes On Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Download

That's it, you are now ready to broadcast your DJ set live from Traktor!
We suggest you add a few test sessions first to get familiar with Livesets. Le sound spacemotor vst download.

How To Record Mixes On Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Mac

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  • We broadcast all Traktor live streams in mp3 and ogg Vorbis format.
  • Broadcasting is only available in Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro.
  • When Traktor fails to connect, the broadcast button in Traktor will blink.
  • If you experience any difficulties, read the additional help below, or our Traktor Tech FAQ.
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