I Dont Think Mu Auto Tune Is Working

17 Apr 2017 by Rooney610
25 April 2017
depression, panic disorder
  1. I Don't Think My Autotune Is Working Back

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Been using cpap machine for over a year now honestly i sleep worse with it i may have fewer events but i wake up tired everyday i use it. I never had any issues sleeping before and always woke up rested but doctors got involved because Im a commercial driver and now i have to to use the thing ive been back repeatedly im sick of being tired every day i use it its making my life a living hell. My doctor said I can take as much as 20 mg's twice a day. Problem is I don't quite understand how the drug is supposed to feel, I still can't concentrate on work or boring stuff like folding my laundry. I'm going to schedule another appointment with my psychiatrist next week and tell him about it.

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I need something to get me through the day, have been having massive panic attacks and severe depression lately. I don't think talking to someone is going to help. I need help right away.

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Hi Rooney-
It is awful when you are having panic attacks and depression. Buspar can stop working, no one knows why. You do not sound like you are in a good place. It may be best to go see your doctor for something to help even if it is something short term. If you really feel like you cannot get through the day you can opt to go to the emergency room. Try to get some help as soon as you can.
My thoughts are with you.

roger_d_198920 Apr 2017

I don't know if it stops working or not.. depends on how long you've taken it. Your doc should be able to prescribe you a benzo such as Ativan, Klonopin, or Xanax if your anxiety is that bad. For depression, you're going to need an antidepressant that works well for you. Don't forget the CBT - that's the most crucial part. Otherwise you'll stay stuck in depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

fruitydoc22 Apr 2017

You can up the dosage, ask your MD.

misssmith25 Apr 2017

I take Kava Kava I also increased my Buspar to 20mg day and I take propanolol for anxiety which is fast acting and good for situational anxiety.
My doc recently changed my antidepressant and mood stabilizer so I know what panic attack disorder feels like and have just suffered a 4 days of it until my new mood stabilizer started kicking in properly.
The previous antidepressant I was on was Effexor XR and that is well known for its anti-anxiety properties and for stopping panic disorder. I suffered very little anxiety on that drug and not a panic attack in sight. Unfortunately it made me tired and slow and so so sweaty. Ugh.
I hope you've found some relief. Panic attacks are the most scary thing I've ever experienced and I hate to think of all the people out there suffering with it now.
:-( x

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