Mac Mini Boot Camp Windows 7 Drivers


Mar 12, 2016  Installing Windows on a Mac should be a piece of cake with Bootcamp, but that rarely is the case. In fact, I would personally say that Boot Camp Assistant is one of the worst apps that comes with OS X and unlike the rest, it doesn’t work seamlessly.

  1. This section is optional for people who wish to boot Windows as well (booting Linux is an advanced exercise left for the user to figure out). It is important to install Windows after OSX because OSX is less forgiving about the partition scheme. With OpenCore, booting Windows is done through Boot Camp, just as with a real Mac.
  2. Dec 23, 2012  Speaker issues with Windows 7 (Boot Camp) Searching the forum I found this thread and also having the same issue but with iMac. Obviously not a hardware issue. Device Manager recognizes audio devices with correct drivers as yours. Any help from those who are having a problem (and found a resolution) would be grateful. Best regards Micah.
  3. Dec 19, 2019  Option 1: Install the drivers from you’re Mac OS disk. Start your Mac and boot into Windows. Insert your Mac OS installation disk. If the installer window doesn’t appear automatically, click the Start button, click Computer. Click the drive that contains the Mac OS disk.

The end of Windows 10's free upgrade bonanza is 7 weeks away and despite my harsh experience with it, I decided to jump on board again seeing as most of the bugs it had at launch had been fixed BUT most of all because I would be required to drop a 'whooping' $120 if at anytime in the future after July 29th, I suddenly decided to upgrade.

One of the major issues I had with Windows 10 was that it crashed a lot. After 3 crashes, I gave up and switched back to Windows 8.1. As always I did a little bit of snooping around and discovered I wasn't alone, and that something like a WMI provider host can fix this issue.

Loads of peeps have complained about Windows 10 crashing on their Macs when installed via bootcamp (it seems to play nice on virtual machines like Parallel Desktop) and Intel's Iris Graphic driver seems to be the culprit.

So here's how I installed Windows 10 on my October 2013 Macbook Pro with Retina display without it crashing (it's been 4 days now and no drama).

Step 1

Backup your bootcamp files then delete the bootcamp partition. Download the latest Windows 10 ISO file, launch bootcamp assistant, create a windows 10 installation flash drive complete with bootcamp drivers and reinstall windows again.

NOTE: You can't download a Windows 10 ISO directly if you're on the Windows platform. You'd be required to use the media creation tool. To get the ISO download instantly, you have to access the link above in Mac OS X environment or any other.

Step 2

Once your windows 10 and bootcamp drivers installation is done, connect to the internet via WiFi and set that connection to a metered connection so as to prevent Windows update from automatically running.

Step 3

Run Apple software update and install any available bootcamp driver updates. See How To Install Boot Camp 6 For Windows 10 On Mac OS X.

Step 4

Go to Control Panel >>System and Security >>System. In the left hand side click on Advanced System Settings.

Switch to the hardware tab, click on Device Installation Settings and set the download of manufacturer apps and updates to No as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 5

Reboot your Mac

Step 6

Mac Mini Boot Camp Windows 7 Drivers

Download and run Window 10Â 'Show or hide updates' troubleshooter package. Select Hide Updates and the utility will automatically scan for available windows updates.

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Once it's done, scan the available updates for any instances of an Intel driver update and tick them for deactivation. As previously indicated the main culprit is Intel Iris Graphics but to be safer, disable any update with Intel in its' name.

Step 7

Restart your Mac

Step 8

Runs Windows update and check through the list of available updates. There should be no Intel driver updates in sight. To install available windows update, turn off metered connection setting and run updates again.

That's all there is to it.

With Intel driver updates blocked, the only updates you'll be relying on are those pushed by Apple via their Apple Software Update utility.

Overall, everything appears pretty stable though the trackpad doesn't work as fluidly as it did with Windows 10 and also the battery life on Windows 10 is nothing to write home about compared to Windows 8.1. 😡

If you've got issues, simply use the comment form and I'll help if I can.

Have a great weekend.

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UPDATE 13th June 2016: Windows 10 battery life is as good as it is on Windows 8.1. Silly me forgot to configure the system to switch to power saving mode when running on battery. With Battery saver turned on, the power savings is much better too.

UPDATE 13th October 2016: It looks like some people are still having issues with their Windows crashing despite applying the hack above. If you're one of them, you can try Mirko's method which is unfortunately in Italian. If it solves the problem finally, do let us know.

Recently my macbook drive crashed and had to be replaced so I reinstalled windows and tried Mirko's hack and when that 'didn't work', I went back to my own method and it's been a week without any crashes.

UPDATE 17th November 2016: Mirko's Guide is the way to and I'll try to reproduce it in English when I get the chance. I say this 'cause an update for the driver still managed to pop up during Windows update and it required me running Window 10 'Show or hide updates' troubleshooter package all over again to hide it.

With Mirko's method, the driver update still appears in windows update BUT NEVER gets installed. It's the best method.

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Mac Mini Boot Camp Windows 7 Drivers Update From Microsoft

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Hi, just installed boot camp and windows 7 on 50% of the hdd. The only thing i cant install is the driver (program) to the graphic card, radeon hd 6630m. I have downloaded the right drivers but the installation fails because it says that it isnt the right card.. I checked all forums and it looks like amd/ati has blacklisted apple and that is impossible to get the program to work on apple devices?? I downloaded amd driver downloader but still it fails. Any one as found a way around this problem? Sry for broken english.

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