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May 01, 2018  Remember, with Target Tune fitted to the bike the wideband values are now part of the ECM’s internally calculated channels (Signal Source = Vehicle). When using Autotune Pro, the wideband values are external to the ECM and simply sent via the Dynojet CAN cable to the Power Vision (Signal Source = Dynojet). With the Auto tune Process, either basic or pro, the power vision uses the 02 data to determine the changes that are need, Once done with a riding session, the information has to be flashed to the ECM in order for the changes to take affect.

  • Tune being used has not been enabled for Target Tune use. Wrong mode of operation has been selected. At this point only those users with special credentials, like Certified Power Vision Tuners, can make the necessary calibration changes to make Target Tune function.
  • Answer: Auto tune. As it pertains to the Power Vision, Auto tune is both a product and a process. There are two different versions that you can use while tuning a bike: Auto tune Basic Free and requires no additional parts for bikes that have OEM closed loop fuel control and O 2 sensors.
  • Jun 16, 2014  ok here it goes and p.s. There is never a stupid question. There is actually no such thing as auto tune. Its a comanded value! If i tell the tunner i want 13,8 air fuel ratio it uses the o2 or wide band sesor to confirm what i told the tunner i wanted. Weather its a thunder max sert power vision or tts. You must build that map for that.
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PODCAST-Over the past months we here at Law Abiding Biker™ Media have installed a Vance & Hines Fuelpak 3 on my Harley Davidson and a Dynojet Power Vision on Oscar's Harley. Both are motorcycle electronic fuel injections (EFI) tuners and seemingly two of the most popular currently on the market. We realize there are many other EFI tuners on the market, but it takes time to properly install, film, evaluate, and review each tuner. We also have much experience with the Dynojet Power Commander V and Auto Tuner, which have been a staple in the motorcycle EFI industry for many years now.

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New V&H Fuelpak 3 Podcast Episode #92!

Remember that the first thing Harley-Davidson owners usually do after purchase is put a new air intake and exhaust on their ride. It is a must to re-map your electronic fuel injection immediately after installing an air intake, exhaust, or both. Don't waste your money getting the stock Harley EFI re-map download at a dealership, as it is a one time canned EFI map & can cost over $250. A canned map is basically a pre-determined EFI map based on you particular air intake and pipes that has already been made.

If you go with the Harley canned EFI map and you ever change anything down the road you will be back in the dealership paying another large sum of money for an EFI re-map. With the FP3 and Power Vision you can make as many changes as you want any time down the road should you decide to change things up. And you can get way more options than a canned map out of these devices. You can auto tune your EFI with the FP3 and Power Vision for more precise tuning as you ride your Harley. If you become very well versed and knowledgeable you can manually change individual values & more.

In this episode, we break everything down for the average day-to-day biker out there, so you really need to listen in for all the information and facts about these motorcycle EFI tuners. Both units have their pros and cons and in the end it will depend on what needs and expectations you have. We are bikers just like you, which is why we can break it down to a level that makes sense. We cut through all the nonsense for you & make it easy to understand.

Thanks to the following individuals for working with us here at Law Abiding Biker™ Media on this project!

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  • Chris Neely of Vance & Hines
    • Electronics Product Manager

Check out our EFI Page Here for further information and resources!

Law Abiding Biker™ Media has already released several EFI tuner install and review videos:

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Igor Nascimento of Brasil

Vision Basic 6.0

Just writing to thank you for the nice podcasts. Been listening to all of them from down here in Brazil. Thanks for the vídeo on Fuelpak3. Got one down here for my Deluxe 2013 and been playing around with it. Down here we have to really play with AFR and VE tables because our shit gasoline is E27 (yeah, sounds crazy, but 27% Ethanol!!!!). Keep up the good work and ride safe!

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You can also listen in to episode 40 titled: The E15 Ethanol Fuel Controversy & Breakdown Should I use E15 Fuel in my Motorcycle?

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