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Hi everyone, I have this problem and I don't know what's wrong with my
program. I am trying to enter my two variables height and weight as
fraction numbers. I declared them as float and also as double, but the
program aborts when I input a fraction instead of decimal/integer
number. Could someone tell me where the problem is, and what I need to
do to correct my code? Thanks a lot in advance, Farah.
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(void)
const double INCHES_PER_METER = 39.37;
const double POUNDS_PER_KG = 2.24;
long double height;
long double weight;
cout << 'METRIC CONVERTER' << endl << endl ;
cout << 'Enter your height in inches ' ;
cin >height;
cout << 'Enter your weight in pounds' ;
cin >weight;
cout << endl ;
double metric_height = height*INCHES_PER_METER;
double metric_weight = weight/POUNDS_PER_KG;
cout << 'Your height is ' << metric_height << ' meters.' <<
cout << 'Your weight is ' << metric_weight << ' kilograms.' <<
return 0;
Fractions, such as 1/2 2/3 etc. are not stored in doubles or floats or
ints. They are actually formulas. The values you can store are 0.5 and
0.6666 however.
If you want to be able to put in fractions, such as
12 1/2
then you will need to parse the string and do the math yourself. If I
wanted to do this I would look for a space in the string. If I found a
space I would take everything before the space as the whole number. Then
I'd look for the /. I would take everthing from the space to the / as the
operator. Everything after the / as the devisior. Then simply:
double Height = Whole + operator / devisor;
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