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THOMAS Cook Airlines has been accused of discriminating against single women
as its booking website fails to provide a suitable title option for
unmarried female travellers.

Women who book flights with the British global travel company are forced to
travel as ‘Mrs’ – ‘Miss’ or ‘Ms’ are not provided as a marital status in the
compulsory field.

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Answer 1 of 8: Evening. Me and the Mrs fly out to Turkey tomorrow. I checked in online yesterday but I dont have a printer so I asked my sister to print out our boarding passes.

The only other titles available are ‘Doctor’ or Professor’.

The system glitch has sparked outrage among female travellers who feel they
are being discriminated against for not having a husband.

It’s also caused unnecessary worry to female travellers who booked Thomas Cook
Airlines flights via travel agency websites like Opodo.

Having registered as ‘Ms’ at the time of booking, one customer became
concerned when her Thomas Cook reference listed her as ‘Mrs’.

@Opodo_UK I recently booked flights and I was titled Ms on opodo then realised now on Thomas Cook confirms it says Mrs.i selected neither

— Git Ying Tse (@tsemybling) April 4, 2016

Another female passenger who panicked when she discovered her booking had
changed from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs’ told The Sun: “I was worried I would be
turned away when I arrived at the airport.

“I was scared my boarding passes wouldn’t match up with what’s on my

One concerned traveller posted in a forum on theDIBB, a UK Disney and Orlando
holiday planning site: “I booked flights yesterday for the end of May /
Beg June 2016 on Thomas Cook’s Man-Mia route as was only £415 pp (bargain as
we get 2 weeks school holidays of at that period!).

“Anyway a family member who is coming with us is a Miss, however on the “adult”
names there was only an option to Select Mr, Mrs, Ms or Dr so I selected Ms
– Is this going to cause a problem?

“I am assuming not since it is the TC system that doesn’t have their
options set up correctly but I need to double check, I am going to drop them
an email but in the mean time wondered if any of you knew if it makes a
difference at all?”


Several disgruntled customers have taken to social media to express their
confusion at the baffling booking system.

One contacted the firm on Facebook, writing: “Just tried to book flights
via your website and I’m wondering how, in 2016, you can justify making
title a compulsory question where I can only be a Mr or Mrs?

“I’m neither… is there a problem with the website or do you not want
unmarried women as customers?”

Another tweeted the travel company: “@ThomasCookUK why when purchasing
flights from Thomas Cook can you only choose Mr, Mrs, Doc or Prof as a
title? Disappointed in Thomas Cook.

“Why should I choose a title I don’t identify with? Seriously in 2016??!!!”

In both instances Thomas Cook Airlines told the women their “new”
system “doesn’t allow for Miss or Ms” and assured them it won’t
cause them any issues while travelling as titles do not appear on passports.

In response one confused Facebook user asked: “How does the new system
not allow for miss or ms??

Thomas Cook Download Boarding Pass On American Airlines

“You just need to add it to the drop down list?! I’m pretty sure other
systems are able to cope with such “complex” matters.”

Despite the travel company blaming its “new” system, one tweet about
the same issue with Thomas Cook dates back to April 2012.

Why don’t Thomas Cook have a ”Miss’ option? Why they be hating on us single women?

— Steff Morton (@steff_morton) April 26, 2012

Others took to Twitter to mock the ridiculous error.

Bartek Podkowa quipped: “An unmarried woman travelling on her own? How
preposterous! What’s next – women wearing pants? Running for office? End of

@LittlerLabel An unmarried woman travelling on her own? How preposterous! What’s next – women wearing pants? Running for office? End of days

— Bartek Podkowa (@Bartek_Podkowa) April 4, 2016

@LittlerLabel An unmarried woman travelling on her own? How preposterous! What’s next – women wearing pants? Running for office? End of days

— Bartek Podkowa (@Bartek_Podkowa) April 4, 2016

So weird seeing myself addressed as ‘Mrs Foster-Brown’ makes me feel old. Stop it Thomas Cook, you’re wrong.

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Thomas Cook Card

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook Airlines said: “We have recently
transitioned to a new website and there are inevitably going to be some
things that are going to be slightly clunky.

“It is a temporary issue with that booking system which we will fix as
soon as possible.

“We are on the case.

“Our preference is to ensure people can still book flights and we
apologise if this inconvenience has caused any consternation.”

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