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Hi guys, i have some issue with app installig now. After first installation and providing jailbreak everything worked. Then appeared message from Uncover App about license revoke. After this i was not able to revoke license again nor run app. I deleted uncover app but now i am not possible to install it again.

  • Sep 22, 2019  3uTools security and download notice Download.hr periodically updates software information of 3uTools from the software publisher (3uTools), but some information may be slightly out-of-date or incorrect. 3uTools version 2.38 for Windows Windows 7/8/10 was listed on Download.hr on and it is marked as Freeware.
  • How to install apps for iPhone using 3uTools 3uTools - a tool to help download and install new iOS applications being used even more than the genuine App Store tool. Selecting and combining most of the advantages and handy features of iTools and iTunes, 3uTools can not only make ringtones, install applications for phones, but also do many.

The phenomenon iTools not install app on iPhone devices may occur, so the cause is, and what to do to remedy this situation. Here are a few ways to overcome this phenomenon.

  1. The cause of the iTools not install App.

Causes of the iTools app not typically installed by the iTools it fails, or the iTools you installed is not the original, which may lead to the iTool on your computer is not set App.

At the same time, you check whether your device is compatible with this App, if not compatible, you can not install this app.

Not only that, but today most of iTools English version has not been updated again. So it will not be compatible with the new iTunes, leading to errors. You can only reset or installing iTools old iTunes to install the app.

  1. Fixing iTools not install App

To be able to install the App on your iTools will follow the steps.

3utools App

Step 1. Set the middle of the machine iTools . (Remember to remove the old version from your computer to iTools, then install the Chinese)

You go to google a few hours downloading the original iTools medium on his computer.

Type the address to download the original iTools middle of machine language

After you to download iTools-piggledy on the machine is done, now you are in the folder containing the downloaded file and open it up. With iTools loaded on the machine that you can use immediately without the need to conduct the installation.

Click on the file to run the program iTools

Then you click on the letters of the interface to be able to use iTools

Click the letters in the middle of running the program interface.

Step 2. Download the App on your computer.

First, you go to google and search the App you want to download them. Remember to note is that you can simply download the App ends with 'ipa'. Because only the tail of this new App can be installed on the iPhone.

Eg. We downloaded the App Camera 360 degrees on the machine.

Camera 360 degrees on the computer screen

Step 3. Conduct put into iTools App for download iPhone

Then you connect your device to your iPhone to your computer. Now iTunes will automatically connect. Then you open up iTools.

You should see the application icon 'on the horizontal toolbar interface iTools, you click on the icon that interface. So this time I was only there a iTools application on your computer, so you only see the side of the toolbar along with record number 1 red.

The interface displays the App in on iTools

At this point in the 2nd bar on the interface iTools, you click on the icon 'arrow'.

dialog box appears, scroll down to find the App that you want to install on your iPhone (you can search by typing in the search faster code (IPA) to be able to find the App inserted into the machine. Then you click on button (Chinese) in the dialog box.

Search App on iPhone is inserted into the dialog box

Now App you want to install will be displayed on the interface of iTools. But the moment you click the right word calligraphy iPad. Then you click on the iPhone App installed on your dish.

Click App want installed on iPhone

Dialog box appears, enter your iPhone ID, and type the password on. Then you click finish as shown below.

Enter the ID and password in the dialog box

Now you can download the App on your iPhone. You click on the 'box' to be able to start downloading the iPhone right now.

Click on the icon to begin the download iPhone

Being downloaded iPhone App

3utools App Install Failed Update

Now you check on your iPhone and you'll App already installed on your machine.

App installed on iPhone

Thus, with the method above, you can download the App on iTool language is secondary. With this version of the original, you will have access to all the functionality of iTools. Good luck.

How to download and install apps on Apple iPhone? Can you download and install your wanted apps from PC with an easy method? This tutorial aims to introduce a method for you to download apps using 3uTools. And this method is easy and convenient to operate.

Step1: Download and install the latest 3uTools on your PC. Connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable.

Since we associate memory locations with pointers, this also returns a pointer to that memory location.void. How to use malloc. malloc(sizet size);After we return the pointer, this will have allocated size bytes on the heap.calloc is similar, but it not only allocates memory but sets them to zero.void.

Note: You need to bind your Apple ID to 3uTools before downloading apps.

Step2: As shown in the following picture, click “Apps”, and 3uTools will show you different kinds of applications for you to download. You just need to click “Install” to download and install your wanted apps.


Step3: In addition, you can directly search your wanted apps in the search bar in the left side. (Taking application “Emoji for message” as an example. )

Step4: After it’s downloaded, 3uTools will automatically install it on your iPhone.

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