Exe Not Being Created In Dev C++


Open Exe Dev File


I will be honest, I have never used or studied C++ till today. I created a small program to make something simpler for myself at work. Basically I grabbed a book..read it for a few minutes, and then started to put together the program. I am able to compile the program, and then build the .exe with no errors. I am able to run the program from withing MS Visual C++, but if I copy the .exe to another location and then attempt to run it, the command window opens, and goes to the point where I type in my input. After I type the input and press enter the window just closes, instead of giving me back the data I need, like it does when I run it within MS Visual C++.
Help would be appreciated..sorry for the (I am sure) n00b question.

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Exe Not Being Created In Dev C Pdf

Hello, can any 1 please help/guide me for creating an program.exe file in C. As i am using Dev c compiler.say for E.g( program of addition in this by compiling & running it i get the required output. But if i dont want to run the program again n again in c code.instead of it i just create 1 exe. Dev-C, developed by Bloodshed Software, is a fully featured graphical IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is able to create Windows or console-based C/C programs using the MinGW compiler system. MinGW (Minimalist GNU. for Windows) uses GCC (the GNU g compiler collection), which is essentially the same compiler system that is.

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